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Blue October Concert

So, on June 22nd, my wonderful husband took me to see Blue October in concert. I have wanted to see them since I first fell in love with them back in High School.
I was a little bummed because all the other shows I could see on their tour had meet and greet tickets. The one show near me did not have them unfortunately.. I was bummed..
I did get to see them for a brief minute while we were walking...
This is the closest I could get... I could have gone up closer, I could have maybe asked for a photo... I so chickened out and was bummed the rest of the night.... Until they came on stage.

Here is my hubby scouting for the spots when we came in.
The opening act was very good. Played a lot of good oldies that we liked.

When the first act was over, I had to go buy some swag...
 Then we goofed around till Blue October came on. Our own personal photo booth he he he

Then! They came on!
Thank you Blue October!! You put on one heck of a show and I can't wait to see you again!!

Fun with Amber and Chris

Chris and I have some major fun viewing some of the dumbest products online today!!

Amber and Chris weight loss weekly chat

This week we talk about being plus size and giving birth. Not a lot of graphic words, but we do talk about birthing issues.

My hair evolution

After I graduated from college, I decided to finally do something radical with my hair. I am the last one of my sisters to actually dye my hair with something "not professional."
I had always had the jobs where dyeing your hair purple was not allowed, but now that I am a stay at home mom and out of college, I can now start playing with it.

I first tried to do fire hair:
It looked really good, but then it faded to this:

Which actually looked really pretty, but as my roots grew out, it was looking worse because I am a dirty blonde.

Then we rebleached it because I wanted to go for a red and black style to blend better with my roots:
 Then it was time to try the black and red style:

And in this is where we are today:

I am digging it a lot. I thought it would be a lot more black, but I am loving that I can pull off pink hair! My sisters are also proud that I tried something new too!!

My name is Kelly and I LOVE food!! (My sister, the chef!)

                   My name is Kelly and I LOVE food!!


I have always had a great love of food and like most people my best and earliest memories were tires to afternoons spent in the kitchen. And like a lot of people I grew up, moved out and started my life. Somewhere along that road I lost something, the love and joy I would feel when puttering around with my mom. Dinner had become a chore, so house Sunday dinners were always a special thing where we knew we would linger over the table and talk even if it was a frozen meal, chicken one of 5 ways or the occasional taco night.

One day I was checking out at the grocery store and I saw a woman checking out in front of me, she had bags of fresh fruits, veggies, fish and pork. Compared to my line up of frozen lasagna, chicken and chips and a light came on. I was doing this all wrong; I had over looked an essential part of my home and family life. Looking back now I wish I had started to journal sooner so my kids would see that we all start somewhere, every roast, cookie and pancake I make for them is the physical representation of my love for them and my love for food.

My long road from frozen food and boxed sides has as much to do with feeding our bodies as it does feeding our souls, cheesy but very true. That weekend armed with determination and dreams of baking cookies with my kids I hit the thrift stores. I found a few cook books, some pans with this I was ready to change everything if only I knew where to start…

So first I learned to crawl, taking ingredients I knew like pork and chicken I studied recipes and started to put together flavor profiles and sauces. I also try to add new ingredients when I find them, introduce my children to a world outside of our home and plant the seed of food love in them. Sometimes it has turned out amazing, a wonderful surprise to myself and family. Moments of glory where I smell and taste and wonder how my hands have done this, other days I apologies to my kids and we make sandwiches. I hope this meager sharing of recipes along with things I learn along the way will help someone out there not feel so alone in this road to good food.

Tonight: Asian style ribs:   

First of all crock pots are the best thing ever! With work and a family they are the true mommy’s helper, the gift that keeps on giving. For this recipe I used a wonderful rack of ribs I found for only 10$ when feeding a family of 5 as well as family that comes over a lot I always look for a great deal. Cutting it into pieces I tossed them in a bowl with1/2 teaspoon each salt, pepper, onion powder and 3 green onions then added them into the crock pot. Turning them up in the seasoning I then added them to the crock pot and mixed the sauce.  


1 cup soy sauce

1 cup brown sugar

1/3 cup honey

3 tablespoon hosin sauce

3 tablespoon spicy sesame oil

1 teaspoon ginger

2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

I used a whisk and stirred until it was well dissolved and poured it over the ribs, covered it and set it for 4 hours. At the 2 hour mark I mixed it around, which was a little harder that I thought it would be but using a fork I was able to mix it in the sauce. Every half an hour I mixed it again and by 4 hours it was wonderful! I removed the ribs and poured some of the sauce into a small pot, mixed it with a tablespoon of cornstarch and boiled it for 3 min until it was thicker and serve over ribs with some fresh onion.

Very easy recipe and I was able to get a lot done while it cooked. I give this recipe a huge thumbs up and I will absolutely make it again and again.

Veteran's Day Message for Anyone who served.... Happy Veteren's Day

Spotlight Gammer!!!

My First in a series of people I like to Spotlight. 

This is a little biased one, but my husband is my first Spotlighter. 

He is a gamer that does LetsPlays with XCOM. I really enjoyed this episode because he drops the F Bomb quiet a bit and I laughed a lot. 


There is also always a backstory that goes along with the video, so you will find that below the video.



PREPARED BY: LT Jared Houston


o Enemy Forces:
 - 6x Chryssalids, 1x Cyberdisc, 1x Drone, 4x Seekers, 3x Thin Men

o Friendly Forces
 - LT Jared "Mercury" Houston (United States)
 - SSG Spencer "Leo" Donohue (United States)
 - SSG Ana Lucia "Mustang" Mardones (Ecuador)
 - SGT Jade "Mineral" Colman (United Kingdom)
 - SGT Lieselott "Maschine" Faber (Germany)
 - SGT Sylas "Fawkes" Maillet (Canada)
 - SGT Jirina "Stiletto" Markusova (Czech Republic)
 - SPC Osazenomwan Olufunke (Nigeria)


o Strike Team deploys to Ogmobosho, Nigeria, 25 JUL 2016 @ 0605 hrs, IOT combat Alien Terror Attack.


The Mission Alert came in at 0420 hrs. The squad was assembled and ready to roll by 0437, with boots down in Nigeria by 0827 hrs. The site was completely destroyed by the time we arrived, but we found what cover we could as the first pod of Chryssalids came into view. Stiletto was the first to fire, managing to injure one of them, with Olu taking a shot immediately after, injuring a second. Donohue flashbanged the pod, which caused them to pause briefly in disorientation, allowing Fawkes and myself to maneuver and kill two of them. The last one, showing more self-preservation than we've previously seen from the bugs, fled into the line of fire from Mineral and Maschine, who put it down. Only seconds later, another pod of 'Lids charged Mustang. She let loose several hasty shots, but only managed to slow them down slightly, injuring one as she withdrew.

Olu followed up with a Rocket which seriously injured the pod, leaving Fawkes to bomb them into oblivion with an AP grenade. When there was no more immediate resistance, we advanced to locate civilians to evacuate. Stiletto made contact with a single drone, but did not manage to do more than graze it. This brought the Cyberdisc into the open, where it started to focus fire on her. The rest of the squad took shots at the Seeker that swooped over the wall, hitting it with several shots, but failing to stop it before it wrapped Markusova up. Faber didn't let that stick too long; She put the Seeker down from the back almost as soon as it got to Stiletto. 

Markusova didn't rest long; Despite just having been choked by the Seeker, she drew her pistol and designated the Cyberdisc for Mineral. Unfortunately, it managed to jink aside as she cut loose with her cannon, completely avoiding damage. The rest of the squad, lacking a clean shot, held in place and waited for a target. Meanwhile, we could hear the X-Rays continue to make civilian casualties.

Colman took a second before firing another burst, and managed to nail the Disc head on, while Stiletto eliminated the Drone before it could move forward to support the Disc. Instead of advancing, the Disc continued to focus it's fire on Stiletto, who thankfully avoided it, and spanged a few pistol rounds off of it, which didn't seem to help the rest of the squad. Fortunately, Olu had been taking careful aim with his rocket, and managed an air-burst which badly damaged its armor, without seeming to slow it down any. Finally, Mustang took it down with a shotgun blast, freeing the squad to move.

Our line of advance didn't reveal any more X-Rays, but Fawkes did manage to direct two civilians back to the Skyranger, before I decided we needed to flex to the right. As soon as we redirected, A pod of Seekers jetted out from behind the ruins of the building. I managed to take the first down with a reaction shot, while Fawkes ran up and lobbed an AP grenade, damaging one and killing another. Leo took a few shots and managed to finish off the damaged Seeker before it could close further.

When Fawkes move to the left flank, he spooked three Thin Men into cover, though his HE grenade blew one of them out of cover before it had properly made it. Stiletto, waiting for a clean shot, finished the Thin Man off before it could recover. I moved up and managed to wing another as it peeked out from cover. When it tried to advance, Olu, from his elevated position, finished it off. Leo and Mineral managed to eliminate the last one as it tried a desperate charge into range.

We scouted the rest of the ruined district, but we managed to find no more civilian survivors. The only thing I was thankful for is that we didn't have to deal with any survivors that had been caught by Chryssalids. We evacuated the two survivors, and returned to HQ.


o Sustain: 
 - Use of Cover and Terrain
 - Explosives to control the fight

o Improve:
 - Faster OPTEMPO could have saved lives
 - Pre-Combat Checks on Equipment
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